Life in an Apartment Community

Apartment Tip

Ask the management if there are any tenant restrictions, especially for children and pets.

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Apartment Tip

It's important to read the apartment lease agreement in full to prevent tenant/landlord disputes.

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A Sense of Community

There are many benefits of living in an apartment community. Overall costs are usually cheaper, maintenance is not your responsibility, and you often have access to amenities you normally wouldn’t have. One benefit that is often overlooked is the social aspect. With so many people living close to one another, apartment living is an opportunity to make friends and forge a sense of community.

Make Use of the Community Spaces

Becoming a member of an apartment community starts from the inside out. Start as soon as you move in by creating a comfortable, personalized space where you can confidently invite people in for a social gathering. At the same time, begin taking advantage of the available community spaces right away, like pools, gyms, and lounges. If your building doesn't have such spaces, talk to the owner about creating one.

Take Advantage of the Community’s Social Media

One way that residents can get to know one another is through a social media platform. Your building or complex may already have a group page or social media profile through which residents can connect with one another. If there is not one already in existence, you can start one yourself. Popular platforms for online socializing include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Participate in Group Activities

Setting up group gatherings or social events on a regular basis gives people the chance to get together in large groups. If you can schedule these types of activities at about the same time every month, it helps people to know what's going on and gives them something to look forward to. Examples of fun events include cookouts, holiday parties, community yard sales, etc.

Strengthen the Apartment Community

When the sense of community is not strong among apartment dwellers, it is often because no one is willing to take the first step. It can be difficult to be the one to break the ice, particularly if you're not a naturally outgoing person. Once you've made a few friends, however, you can work together and pool your resources to work toward fostering a community in your apartment complex.

Apartment Tip

Take full advantage of the amenities in your complex since you are paying for them in your lease anyway.

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Apartment Tip

Many apartment complexes have security features for tenant safety. Ask the management to explain them to you.

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